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Rules of Conduct

We provide our valued members with the ability to create webpages that are instantly live on the internet, and available to billions of people around the world. That's increadibally powerful. But as the old saying goes ...

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

You have the power to generate useful, meaningful, valuable content, that can make a positive impact on our society and many peoples lives

or you could do the opposite with negative content spreading lies, hate, racism, displaying pornography, gambling, or engage in deceptive marketing, or illegal activities trying to scam people out of money.

We do not support or allow any negative content or behavior like this on our platform; and when found the webpages will be deleted, and the member's account will be suspended.

Furthermore, we will cooperate fully with local law enforcement to procecute anyone engaged in any unlawful use of this service.

Our valued members fully support these rules, and often assist us with identifying negative content that could damage the reputation of this platform, and compromise the integrety of their positive content.


Each webpage that goes live includes a link back to the members public profile, to give credit to the author, and to hold the author accountable for it's content.

In other words, don't create any webpage that you are not willing to stand behind and be held accountable for.